Gents Lovers Knot Wedding Ring with Trims

Gents Lovers Knot Wedding Ring with Trims

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The Lover’s Knot design is often attributed to sailors and seafarers who would weave the knot with two pieces of rope to give to sweethearts as mementoes as they set out to sea.

This same knot was likely to adorn a Celtic Shield or the points of a cross as a plea to the Gods of the four corners of the Earth for protection. The threads of the knot are unending, intertwined with each other, symbolising unity and protection.

Celtic knots similar to these adorn our precious illuminated manuscripts such The Book of Kells or the Lindisfarne Gospels.

This Celtic knot ring boasts six closed Celtic knots around its circumference, a simple but unique expression of love and unity.

Weight: 10.4gms approx.

Width: 9.2mm approx.